Immersive Labour



Immersive Labour is one of the two projects I led during my visit at the Arts Academy, University of Split in Croatia. It investigates how people perceive their leisure time and the idea of technology allowing them to work in their dreams in exchange of money.


For our research purposes we developed a business model that provides the working platform and we designed a marketing propaganda to convince people to join this controversial business. The aim was to see if they would finally surrender their last castle of rest and privacy for some profit.




The fictional company “Dreamwave” taps into the dreams of their employees with the aid of a hypothetical technology, providing them with some work to do while sleeping. The employees, aka the Sleepers, receive money for their work.

A detailed marketing presentation was created with the aim to be used as a research tool, during the test phase of the project.




First, we gathered opinions from random people in the street asking just a short question and then we organised a few sessions with focus groups where the participants underwent a detailed marketing presentation.


The results, presented in the video, were highly intriguing as initially we encountered negative responses towards our business model. After our advertising propaganda, we saw how quickly people reconsidered their attitude towards the idea.


It was also interesting to see their point of view about the controversial aspects of the concept, especially the ethical side of tapping into one’s dreams, as the mind is his private space and making them work even during the rest hours. Finally, we see them negotiating about the salary and eventually agreeing to undergo this kind of labour for very little money.



Dreamwave: The Pillow Project from Pavle Petrović on Vimeo.






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Team: Eleonora Matijašević, Kristina Pavlak, Vito Radovniković, Iva Jurjev, Sara Mlakar, Pavle Petrović


Thanks to 

Arts Academy, University of Split

Oleg Šuran for his help